Voting System Hire

Choose from three options for your voting system hire

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  • Includes:
  • Crowd Insight technician
  • Programming
  • Choice of 3 keypad types
  • Base station
  • Licensed laptop (including back up)
  • Post-event data reports
  • Includes:
  • Choice of 3 keypad types
  • Base station
  • Programming
  • Licensed laptop
  • Post-event data reports
  • Delivery and collection
  • Includes:
  • Choice of keypad types
  • Base station
  • Post-event data reports
  • Delivery and collection

The above systems use a radio frequency, so you never have to worry about Wi-Fi at your venue.

Vevox is a world famous, award winning event engagement tool. Audiences use their own devices such (mobiles, tablets & laptops) to engage with presentations. Presenters can choose to operate the Vevox app themselves or hire a Crowd Insight technician to operate it.

  • Live multiple-choice polling
  • Live open-text polling
  • Word Cloud generator
  • Up to 1500 participants
  • Star rating poll & survey question type
  • Customize branding & homescreen
  • Cross-platform: iOS, Android & web app
  • Self-paced survey
  • Sort by 'likes'
  • PowerPoint add-in
  • Ready to use surveys and polls
  • Discussion moderation
  • Discussion, polling and attendance reporting
  • Phone & email support

BYOpad app

The BYOpad (Bring Your Own pad) allows users to respond to presentations using their own mobile devices- mobile phones, tablets or laptops.

  • Real time multiple-choice polling
  • Before and after comparison polling
  • Particpants can engage via a browser or using the BYOpad app
  • Automatically join the right session through the use of an integrated GPS locator.
  • Perfect platform to support multi-site events almost over night.
  • BYOpad app available on Windows, Apple and Android platform
Reply BYOpad voting system hire

BYOpad/ keypad hybrid

The BYOpad is special because both keypads and BYOpads can respond simultaneously. Whether delegates are in the same room as the presenter with a Reply keypad, or the other side of the world with a BYOpad, they can respond to the same questions in a presentation.

If you make your event a BYOpad event but take keypads along in case not everyone has a smart phone, or their batteries are low.

BYOpad voting app voting system hire
BYOpad can be branded with your company logo as shown here with the Ford logo