Voting System Hire

We have three options for your voting system hire. Click on any of the three options below to find out more.

1)  Full Hire

includes- Keypads, receiver, licensed laptop, programming and technician

We do everything for you. Just email us the questions you want to ask the audience and we’ll do the rest. Our technician will arrive at your event, set up the interactive system during your event. The technician will then create a post-event data report for you.

2)  Dry Hire

Keypads, receiver, licensed laptop and programming

An option that gives you plenty of flexibility. Just email us the questions in advance of your event. Our programmers will then create your interactive slides and send them to you on a licensed laptop with the keypads and receiver. We will send the system to you a few days in advance giving you time to practice using it. Our voting software is simple enough that you will be able to make any last minute changes if necessary.

3)  Dry Hire 100

Keypads and receiver

This is our cheapest option for a voting system hire. Just tell us what type of keypad you would like and how many (up to 100). We’ll then send them to you with the receiver. It is up to you to download the free voting software at You are then free to create your own interactive slides

Choose your keypad

Choose one of the three hire types above, then decide which keypad you would like as part of your system.

Reply Mini Plus keypad

A very versatile credit card size keypad. Allows users to respond to multiple choice questions, rank and rate items. For more technical information, click here

Reply Plus keypad

This keypad has all the features of the Reply Mini Plus but also allows the user to send text. For more technical information click here.

Voting system hire Reply Mini Plus keypad
Reply Plus keypad voting system dry hire 100

All our systems use an independent radio frequency, so you never have to worry about Wi-Fi at your venue.
Create post-event reports. This allows you to view all your polling data collected during your meeting/ training event

Meetoo voting app

Meetoo is a world famous, award winning event engagement tool. Audiences use their own devices such as mobiles and tablets to engage with presentations.

Meetoo features allow audiences to;
• Send questions and comments to presenters
• Respond to surveys before, during and after events
• Vote in real time
A popular choice for conferences, AGMs and further education. Click here to find out more


The BYOpad (Bring Your Own pad) allows users to respond to presentations using their own mobile devices- mobile phones, tablets or laptops.

Delegates can engage with a presentation by either downloading the app or via a browser. This is a perfect solution for a multi-site event or when people are joining a presentation online. The BYOpad is available on Windows, Apple and Android platforms

Reply BYOpad voting system hire

BYOpad/ keypad hybrid

The BYOpad is special because both keypads and BYOpads can respond simultaneously. Whether delegates are in the same room as the presenter with a Reply keypad, or the other side of the world with a BYOpad, they can respond to the same questions in a presentation.

If you make your event a BYOpad event but take keypads along in case not everyone has a smart phone, or their batteries are low.

BYOpad voting app voting system hire
BYOpad can be branded with your company logo as shown here with the Ford logo