Dry Hire includes:

•  Your required number of Reply Plus, Mini Plus, Interact Plus keypads
•  1 x Base station
•  1 x Laptop with voting software and license
•  Collection and delivery
•  Data reports for your post-event analysis
•  Up to 40 pre-programmed interactive slides

Reply Plus keypad voting system dry hire 100
Reply Plus keypad
Reply Mini Plus keypad for dry hire 100 voting system
Reply Mini Plus keypad

Dry Hire option for...

  • Presenters who do not have the time to programme their own interactive slides
  • Presenters who are confident to operate the system themselves
  • People who do not have the technical knowledge to programme their own interactive slides
  • Customers who have strict IT rules and cannot download polling software on company laptops
  • Presenters who wish to save the cost of a Crowd Insight tecnician

What we need from you to provide your Dry Hire audience response system

Questions. For the full hire service, send us your polling/ voting questions you would like to ask your audience. We require these 3-4 working days before we send you the system for programming. Quizzes require more time to programme so we need your questions in 7-10 working days before we send the system.

PowerPoint template. Our polling software is a PowerPoint add-in. Send us your company/ event template, and we’ll make the interactive slides match the rest of the presentation. We will send the slides to you on your hired licensed laptop.

Polling software

The software that comes with the dry hire is a PowerPoint add-in called Edivote Pro. This is very simple to use and only requires basic PowerPoint skills to use. If you have any last minute edits to your slides, you will be able to do these as you would with a normal PowerPoint slide.

Interaction or data collection?

Some of our customers use our systems for audience interaction, while some use them to collect data. You can of course use them for both. However you use your system, it is sure to enhance your event.

dry hire a voting system for classroom etech

Audience Interaction Tip

Get your audience involved with your presentation by testing their knowledge on the subject you are discussing. The system calculates who has got the most answers correct. Offer prizes to the people with the most correct answers. This brings out the competetive nature in people and give them extra incentive to participate.

Data collection tip

Ask demographic questions to guage how different groups respond to questions. For example you can create an interactive slide that says, “Press 1 if your female or press 2 if you’re male”. You can then create a gender demographic report with a split showing how both males and females responded.

dry hire a voting system for Powerpoint presentation