Dry Hire 100 includes:

•  Your required number of Reply Plus, Mini Plus or Interact Plus keypads
•  1 x Base station
•  Free downloadable Edivote 100 polling software
•  Collection and delivery

Reply Plus keypad voting system dry hire 100
Reply Plus keypad with texting function
Reply Mini Plus keypad for dry hire 100 voting system
Reply Mini Plus keypad

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Dry Hire 100

Dry Hire 100 is our most competitively priced package. 

  • For presenters who wish to programme their own polling slides
  • For presenters who are confident to operate the system themselves
  • For event organisors looking for one of the cheapest polling systems in the UK
  • For event organisors who have staff to operate the system
Presenter using dry hire 100 audience response system to enhance a PowerPoint presentation

Polling Software

With the Dry Hire 100, it is up to our customers to download the free voting software Edivote100 on to their own laptop. Edivote100 is a PowerPoint add-in. It is simple to use and you’ll only need basic PowerPoint skills to start creating your interactive slides. You’ll find plenty of hints and tips with the built-in user guide. You will also find a number of video tutorials on YouTube. Just search for ‘Edivote’.

Data Reports

At the end of your presentation, post-event reports are available for you. In just a few clicks, detailed data reports are available to you in Excel and Word documents. From here you can see how everyone responded both as a group and as individuals.

Edivote100 allows you to poll up to 100 keypads. If you wish to poll 101 or more keypads, you will need to see our Dry Hire plan.

Dry hire voting system uk at conference

Interaction tip

Get your audience involved with your presentation early. Test their knowledge on the subject you are discussing. The voting system calculates who has got the most answers correct. Offer prizes to the people with the most correct answers. This brings out the competitive nature in people and give them extra incentive to participate.

Data collection tip

Ask demographic questions to gauge how different groups respond to questions. For example you can create an interactive slide that says, “Press 1 if your female or press 2 if you’re male”. You can then create a gender demographic report showing you how each gender responded to your questions.