Full Hire includes:

•  Your required number of Reply Plus, Mini Plus or Interact Plus keypads
•  1 x Base station
•  1 x Laptop with voting software and license
•  1 x Technician to install and operate system
•  Data reports for your post-event analysis
•  Up to 40 pre-programmed interactive slides

Reply Plus keypad voting system dry hire 100
Reply Plus keypad
Reply Mini Plus keypad for dry hire 100 voting system
Reply Mini Plus keypad

Special offer- 10% discount on your first time hire (all hires)

What we need to provide your audience response system

Questions. For the full hire service, send us your polling/ voting questions you would like to ask your audience. We require these 3-4 working days before your event to give us time to programme and test. Quizzes require more time to programme so we need your questions in 7-10 working days before your event

PowerPoint template. Our polling software is a PowerPoint add-in. Send us your company/ event template, and we’ll make the interactive slides match the rest of the presentation. We will bring the slides to your event on our licensed laptops. If you have any last minute edits to your slides at the event, our technician will be able to make these for you. 

Full Hire options for...

  • People with no experience of operating an audience response system
  • Customers who have complex requirements and need an experienced operator
  • Event organisers who want polling/ voting as just part of a large event
  • Customers who are happy just to leave everything to the experts
  • Presenters who don't have the technical confidence or time to learn to use it.
Crowd Insight technician operating audience response system hire


As part of the full audience response system hire, Crowd Insight will provide you with reports of the data we collect. Reports are created in Excel and Word. They allow you to see:

  • A summary of how your audience voted and responded as a group
  • A summary of how the individuals in your group voted and responded
  • Demographic data. Compare how different groups voted. Groups can be set by gender, age, location, job roles etc
  • Score summaries. See how many correct answers each delegate or student achieved.