Crowd Insight Audience Response Systems

Offering a wide range of audience response system hire and sales options, Crowd Insight are leading suppliers of audience voting systems for all types of events.

What we offer -

Audience Response System Hire

Crowd Insight offer you 5 different hiring options for your audience response system, including a Full Hire option that comes with a technician who will do everything for you and, for those on a budget, the Dry Hire 100 option, which can make your event interactive for as little as £200. Please visit our HIRE page for more details.

We boast one of the largest keypad hire stocks anywhere in the UK – which means whatever quantities you need for your conference, symposium, AGM or training event, we can ensure that you will have a truly interactive meeting where every member of your audience can interact with your presentation, vote or give feedback.

Audience Response System Sales

Depending on your budget and requirements, we have the system for you. Choose from 8 different Reply keypad types which all differ in design, functionality and cost. Please visit our SALES page for more information.

When you purchase keypads from Crowd Insight, we offer free voting software, Edivote100. This gives you license to poll up to 100 keypads.

If you wish to poll 101 keypads or more, please contact Crowd Insight for the cost of an appropriate voting license.


Our choice of voting apps includes the award-winning Vevox meeting app, which offers great user flexibility and can be operated either as a PowerPoint add-in or via a browser.

We also supply the BYOpad app, which is an excellent alternative to keypads and allows delegates to participate in your event from wherever they happen to be.

For more details on these apps, please visit our Real Time Voting Apps page.

If you are organising or presenting at conferences, symposia, AGMs, training events, lessons, public consultations or indeed any other event, the polling software we use is incredible.

Our range of audience response systems allow you to collect a vast range of data that can be either displayed live or kept for post-event analysis and offers a wide range of other benefits too.

Learn more about these benefits and why you should consider using an audience response system at your events or in the classroom here.

Crowd Insight staff have years of experience working in the events industry and whatever your need, however large or small your audience, we can help you make it a truly interactive occasion.

If you would like to learn more and/or book a demo, please do not hesitate to contact us today.