Audience Response System Hire

Leading voting systems provider Crowd Insight offer a choice of two hire options, Full Hire and Dry Hire.

Audience Response System Hire Options

Full Hire


  • Crowd Insight technician
  • Programming
  • Choice of 3 keypad types
  • Base station
  • Licensed laptop (including back up)
  • Post-event data reports

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Dry Hire


  • Choice of 3 keypad types
  • Base station
  • Programming
  • Licensed laptop
  • Post-event data reports
  • Delivery and collection

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The above systems use a radio frequency, so you never have to worry about Wi-Fi at your venue.

Special offer - 10% discount on your first time hire (all hires)

Voting App Options

Vevox App

Vevox is a world famous, award winning event engagement tool. Audiences use their own devices such  (mobiles, tablets & laptops) to engage with presentations. Presenters can choose to operate the Vevox app themselves or hire a Crowd Insight technician to operate it.


  • Live multiple-choice polling
  • Live open-text polling
  • Word Cloud generator
  • Up to 1500 participants
  • Star rating poll & survey question type
  • Customize branding & homescreen
  • Cross-platform: iOS, Android & web app
  • Self-paced survey
  • Sort by ‘likes’
  • PowerPoint add-in
  • Ready to use surveys and polls
  • Discussion moderation
  • Discussion, polling and attendance reporting
  • Phone & email support

BYOpad App

The BYOpad (Bring Your Own pad) allows users to respond to presentations using their own mobile devices – mobile phones, tablets or laptops.


  • Real time multiple-choice polling
  • Before and after comparison polling
  • Participants can engage via a browser or using the BYOpad app
  • Automatically join the right session using an integrated GPS locator.
  • Perfect platform to support multi-site events almost overnight.
  • BYOpad app available on Windows, Apple and Android platform

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BYOpad/ Keypad Hybrid

The BYOpad is special because both keypads and BYOpads can respond simultaneously. Whether delegates are in the same room as the presenter with a Reply keypad, or the other side of the world with a BYOpad, they can respond to the same questions in a presentation.

If you make your event a BYOpad event but take keypads along in case not everyone has a smart phone, or their batteries are low.

BYOpad can be branded with your company logo as shown here with the Ford logo.

For more information on the BYOpad contact us today on +44 1483 300121 or

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