Vevox real time audience participation app

Transform student and employee engagement with the award-winning Vevox real-time audience participation app.

Join the global success story with Vevox – the acclaimed app trusted by users worldwide. With Vevox, your audience actively participates using their own devices to respond to polls and share insights. From smartphones to tablets and laptops, any device with a browser and internet connection can seamlessly connect.


Whether you’re leading a classroom session or orchestrating a dynamic corporate hybrid conference, Vevox captivates your audience at every stage. Engage seamlessly before, during, and after your event, ensuring maximum interaction and impact.

Vevox audience participation app for live polling

Transform meetings and classes with real-time polling. Get your audience involved and find out what they’re thinking. Vevox makes meetings more fun and ultimately more effective.


Fuel engagement with dynamic Q&A sessions and interactive chat features. Audiences have the power to ask questions, express approval with likes, and provide valuable feedback – all from their own device or online platform. Plus, maintain control over the conversation with seamless moderation tools, ensuring discussions stay focused and productive.


All the best polling features in one place where participants can give honest, uninhibited feedback in their own time.


From global meetings to intimate lectures, theme Vevox with the colours and logo of your business or institute.

Put the ‘Pow’ into your Powerpoint®

Turn presentations into two-way conversations. Add polls to your slides in seconds, either beforehand or on the go, with Vevox’s simple PowerPoint Add-in.

Polling slides can incorporate your company and event PowerPoint templates, keeping your whole presentation on brand.

Technicians for hire

Maximize the potential of your Vevox hire by opting for our expert technician services. Our seasoned technicians will manage all aspects of Vevox, guaranteeing flawless setup and seamless interaction between presenters and audiences. With our technicians at the helm, you can focus your attention on other event essentials.


Count on our reliable and experienced technicians, who have successfully orchestrated interactive events globally. No matter where your event takes place, our technicians will be by your side. Contact us today to learn more and elevate your event experience.

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