AGM voting with 4Elections™

4Elections™ is a comprehensive voting solution tailored specifically for AGMs and shareholder meetings. Experience a new level of efficiency, simplicity, and transparency in organizing your Annual General Meetings with 4elections™ and Reply® voting keypads.

By streamlining your voting procedures electronically to 4elections™, you’ll save valuable time and resources while simultaneously enhancing the voting process.

4Elections™ Key features

  • Free choice of quorum

This feature allows the voting body to set its own minimum number of participants required for a vote to be valid. It offers flexibility based on the specific needs and circumstances of each vote.


  • Adjustable weighting per voting device

Weighted voting allows different voters to have varying levels of influence based on predetermined criteria. This could be based on factors such as expertise, seniority, or ownership stake.


  • Network-based registration

Utilizing a network-based registration system ensures that only authorized individuals can participate in the voting process. It enhances security by validating the identities of voters before they can cast their votes.


  • Postal voting

Offering postal voting expands accessibility for participants who may not be able to vote in person or electronically. It accommodates individuals who are unable to attend physical voting locations or access online voting platforms.


  • Open, roll call, or secret voting

Providing different voting methods allows flexibility to cater to the preferences and requirements of the voting body. Open voting publicly reveals each participant’s vote. Roll call voting records each participant’s vote individually, and secret voting ensures anonymity.


  • Detailed logging of each voting process

Logging every aspect of the voting process helps maintain accountability, transparency, and integrity. It allows for auditing and verification of the results while also providing a record for future reference.


  • Preview of voting results to the election officer or the executive committee

This feature enables oversight and ensures that the election officer or executive committee can monitor the voting process in real-time. It facilitates prompt intervention if any irregularities are detected.


  • Transparent visualization for participants

Visualizing voting results in a clear and understandable manner promotes transparency and trust in the voting process. Participants can easily interpret the outcome and verify that their votes have been accurately recorded.

Vote opens. Voting options displayed on screen

Vote closed with a thank you for acknowledgement

Vote results ranked by number of votes received

4Elections™ is a comprehensive voting solution that addresses the diverse needs of assemblies and organizations hosting AGMs and elections.

Its customizable features and flexibility make it well-suited for a wide range of voting scenarios, while its focus on transparency and accuracy ensures the integrity of the voting process.

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