Crowd Insight: Leading Suppliers of Powerpoint Audience Response Systems

About Us

Crowd Insight boast years of experience in the Powerpoint audience response system industry.

Our technicians have worked at hundreds of interactive events all over the world. Today, this experience is essential to advise our customers to reach their required levels of audience engagement.

Based in Surrey, England, Crowd Insight supply voting systems for events all over the world. To enhance PowerPoint presentations, our customers can choose between hiring or purchasing systems.

Systems are typically used in:

  • Conferences.
  • AGMs.
  • Symposia.
  • Employee engagement events.
  • Product launches.
  • Training events.

Powerpoint Audience Response Systems Across the UK and Around the World.

Most of Crowd Insight’s voting system hires take place in the UK. Our clients also send us to work at conferences in Europe and beyond. In the last two years our technicians have polled audiences in Japan, Brazil, Taiwan, Spain and Italy.

Our competitive prices mean it usually costs less to hire us instead of locally based company. Wherever in the world your event is, Crowd Insight can help enhance your event.


Crowd Insight have great experience and expertise in providing voting systems for a range of industries. However, the financial and medical industries use our systems more than any other.

For larger events such as conferences, our systems are used to collect data and gather opinions from delegates. These two industries also purchase a lot of our systems for internal staff training events.

Voting Apps.

Our company background is one that used to specialise only in the traditional keypad systems. We remain on of the UK’s leading suppliers of these systems due to their high demand. However, to meet newer industry demands, we now offer the multi-award winning Vevox application. Vevox allows audiences to react and interact to presentations using their own device.

We can also offer the Reply BYOpad. Audiences can interact with a presentation with their own device, turning phones and tablets into a voting keypad. This is special technology because the BYOpad can be used alongside keypads.

Easy to Use A.R.S.

Part of Crowd Insight’s success in the UK is how easy our response systems are to use. Our simple Dry Hire option allows customers just to ‘plug and play’ option. Our clients come back to us again and again for the reliability of our systems and the support we offer.

Our attention to customer care is consistent whether your event is a conference for 2000 doctors or a training day for 10 students. We will strive to ensure the interactive element of your event is a success.