Why Use Audience Voting Systems?

So, why should you consider using an audience response system at a meeting, event or in your classroom? The answer is simple: Audience voting systems offer numerous benefits at all types of events, in classrooms and anywhere else audience participation is desired. Here are some of these benefits…

The Benefits of Using Audience Voting Systems at Events

An audience response system will give you the power to gain instant feedback and opinions from your audience. You have the option to make their responses anonymous or not.

However, our experience shows us that when people vote anonymously, they tend to be more honest. Many people are not comfortable expressing opinions in a visible way such as ‘hands up’ approach. They may be shy or not want their boss to know what they are thinking. Using keypads is just one way an audience response system can help you with this.

Additional benefits for using an audience response system at a conference or event include:

  • Your audience will be more focused on your presentation because interaction increases interest
  • Instantly display your polling results to your audience will make them feel part of your presentation. It will keep them engaged.
  • Polling your audience provides the presenter with instant, brand new content with data never seen before
  • Crowd Insight systems make excellent data collection tools. Reports can be created after your event for post-event analysis.

The Benefits of Using Audience Response Systems in Classrooms

Just like delegates at a conference, students in learning environments also like to be kept engaged. In the education sector, audience response or voting systems are commonly referred to as Student Response Systems (SRS).

One of the main reasons to use these systems in the classroom is the fact that studies have shown that:

  • When students know that they need to respond to an upcoming question with keypads, they will listen extra carefully, so they answer the question correctly.
  • Interactive classes have better attendances and learning outcomes.

Additional benefits for using an audience response system in a classroom include the ability to:

  • Track the progress of individuals in the class.
  • Track the progress of your class as a whole.
  • Use collected data to pinpoint learning gaps.


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