Crowd Insight Video Capture System – A better way to capture large gatherings

If you are planning on recording and streaming a conference, large meeting, Q&A’s or training session, our video capture system will help you catch every detail.

The traditional route of using a film company comes with costs and technical requirements that Crowd Insight simply do not require.

Utilising our knowledge and technology, we capture live video and audio of your event, using an in-situ AV system or provide our own, producing an MP4/AVI PIP mix that is available, immediately after the event!

Below is a breakdown of requirements for our practical and cost effective video capture system compared with a film company.

Crowd Insight video capture system compared to traditional film company

2 cameras2 cameras
1 live capture boxA full video suite comprising of multiple connected systems
1 skilled technician3 (or more) film crew
We offer a full live mix available in 1 file, as well as individual elements for post event edits, if requiredAll recordings of audio and video (as well as PPTs if used) are available in single files which need to be edited together before being useable
We provide the live mix on USB immediately after the eventThe edited files mentioned above are usually available 1 week after the event
Live streaming transcoding available within same unit, making this the most cost effective method of live streamingLive streaming not available as standard, so if required, will come with additional hire and cost implications

Crowd Insight practical and cost effective video capture system – The benefits...

  • The ability to stream live to anywhere globally
  • All footage is made available immediately after an event finishes.
  • Post event viewing available via upload to an FTP server
  • Green Screen options for presenters

A skilled Crowd Insight technician controls, zooms, tilts and pans 2 remote cameras at the same time as mixing a live capture, as well as recording and, if required, streaming online. You can even embed the stream into a mobile app, giving a better user experience for your delegates.

To find out more about how we can save you money on your next event using our video capture system, please get in touch with us today. You can call +44 (0) 1483 300 121 or email us at