Real Time Voting Apps

Crowd Insight’s real time voting apps include the award-winning Vevox Meeting App and the BYOpad multi-site conference app.

Here’s what you need to know about these apps.

VEVOX Real Time Voting Apps

At Crowd Insight, we are proud re-sellers of the world famous, award winning meeting app Vevox (formerly Meetoo). Vevox allows delegates to engage with events before, during and after a presentation. There are many different options for Vevox.

You can just hire a license to poll delegates or students. You can also hire the license and a technician who will do everything for you including programming your interactive slides. To find out more, please visit our Vevox page.

Vevox offers the user great flexibility. Choose from operating Vevox via a browser or as a PowerPoint add-in. Either way, you can:

  • Collect polling results in real time.
  • Ask delegates to send their questions and comments to the presenters
  • Invite ‘a thumbs up’ to the most popular comments
  • Create post-event data including a word cloud from the questions and comments


Slido Technicians

Slido is a popular audience engagement app, but are you making the most of it at your events? Use our experienced technicians to programme and operate Slido.

Event organisers hire our technicians so they can concentrate on running their meeting safe in the knowledge that the audience engagement is in safe hands.

Real Time BYOpad Voting App

The BYOpad (Bring Your Own pad) is a fantastic alternative to keypads. Delegates can participate with events from anywhere in the world where there is an internet connection. This is chosen by our customers who are looking to;

  • Save on keypad shipping costs
  • Host Multi-site meetings and want all delegates to interact
  • Host teleconferences
  • Host events where polling is taking place in multiple rooms at the same time

The voting technology behind the BYOpad is called Edivote. This is a unique voting solution allowing users to poll keypads AND BYOpad users at the same time.

This creates a unique hybrid of technology. Edivote polling software allows you to ask a range of interactive questions such as multiple choice questions, ranking items in a specific order and rating items.