PRICE MATCH: Crowd Insight are committed to offering our clients the best value possible.

We pride ourselves on having some of the most cost effective polling and voting systems to hire in the UK. So if you find a cheaper quote from our competitors, please provide proof of this quote and we will match it.

You will also receive the customary 10% discount if it is your first hire.


  1. Our lowest price guarantee also applies to competitor promotions and discounts

It regularly happens that our competitors offer their products at a discount or use special bargain prices. If, in such cases, our lowest price is higher, our lowest price guarantee still applies. 

  1. Our Lowest Price Guarantee is valid for competitors’ prices.

Our lowest price guarantee also applies to the prices of competitors whose businesses are also located in the UK and who operate their buisness in accordance with the laws and taxes that apply here. The business in question must also be accessible for technical support and assistance purposes. This condition therefore does not apply if free traders, foreign shops and/or private individuals hire a product at a lower price.

  1. Our lowest price guarantee is valid for prices of online businesses that specialize in audience response systems, audio visual and event technology

Of course this is the case! The same conditions apply as mentioned above. In this case, the competing Internet provider must also be located in the UK. The business must also be run according to the laws and taxes that apply here in the United Kingdom. Furthermore, the competitive online business must always be available for technical support and service. 

  1. Our lowest price guarantee applies to the similar articles with matching functionality

For Crowd Insight, this means that a number of things about the product must be the same, such as the technical specifications and functionality. Another important condition is that the polling or voting system of our competitors must perform the same tasks as ours.

  1. Our lowest price guarantee is valid on prices that are and/or were valid at the same time.

If you compare the price of a product from us with a competitor’s price, the condition is that both prices must be valid at the same time, and the competitor’s price must have been valid for at least one day. Crowd Insight prices for voting and polling systems are valid for 30 days from the day they are sent.

  1. Our lowest price guarantee is valid if the product is actually available from the competitor.

The price guarantee is valid when you can actually hire a product from a competitor. If it is not possible to hire the product from a competitor, the corresponding price is not valid.

  1. Our lowest price guarantee does not apply to competitors and resellers.

If there are competitors who do not hire the products they have purchased themselves, our lowest price guarantee does not apply. In this case, there is a possibility that a competitor may attempt to hire a large number of products under the Lowest Price Guarantee at favorable conditions and then hire them out to customers. This, in turn, would be to the detriment of our customers and that is something we want to avoid.

  1. Our lowest price guarantee does not apply to prices that only apply to a limited customer base.

Our lowest price guarantee only applies when a competitor’s price is actually offered to all customers. The same rule applies if the price is clearly displayed on the product concerned or listed online or in an official quote from our competitors. The price must also be valid for at least one day. Of course, the prices of our products apply to everyone on a daily basis. If a competitor chooses to apply the price of a product only to a certain group of customers, we will not participate. We believe that personalized offers are disproportionate to our lowest price guarantee. At Crowd Insight, we offer this guarantee to all our customers!

  1. Our lowest price guarantee does not apply to price guarantees offered by competitors.

The most important aspect of our lowest price guarantee is of course the price of the specially selected BEST PRICE products that we offer. If a particular price has arisen because a competitor has also put a price guarantee on the product, Crowd Insight cannot apply this condition.

  1. Our lowest price guarantee does not apply if the purchase price is completely and systematically undercut for that reason.

  2. The lowest price guarantee only applies to the cost of hiring polling and voting hardware.

This includes the hire of voting keypads, receivers/ base stations, laptops and tablets. It does not apply to any of the following:

Travel and logistics

Programming of slides

Technician’s daily fees

Hotel costs