Vevox, an Audience Polling App Engaging Audiences Around the World

Do you ever organise webinars or multi-site meetings and conferences? If you do, you will know it can be difficult getting the whole audience interacting with the presentations, especially those who are attending ‘virtually’. Our award winning Vevox audience polling app overcame this last week at a conference.

This was an annual internal event for a multi-national retailer. 800 staff gathered at a venue in London. Joining through an online link up were representatives from their Hamburg, New York and Paris offices.

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Preparing for the event

An important part of the agenda, a Q&A session was planned for the final session. The 800 local staff were invited to ask the CEO questions using a roving microphone. This was successful on the day, but I wondered how many people opted not to ask due to nerves or shyness.

The Vevox Audience Polling App and Overseas Staff

To allow the overseas staff to quiz the CEO, we used our event app, Vevox. The staff who were watching on screens, just had logged on using either the Vevox app or via their browser. They were then free to send as many questions and comments as they wished.

These questions arrived thick and fast to our technician’s laptop who was sat backstage with one of our clients. The client acted as a moderator, filtering all the best or most appropriate questions to show the CEO and deleted anything inappropriate or not of real interest. We were then able to send these questions to the CEO’s monitor on the stage. On this occasion, we chose to show her 4 questions at a time. Any would have been too much to absorb.

The moderatore screen. This allowed us to choose which questions to display for the Q&A session

NEWSFLASH: Vevox event app now shortlisted for 3 awards at the 2018 Event Technology Awards

By the end of Q&A the CEO had answered questions from both the audience in front of her and her audience around the world. There was no reason why everyone in Watford couldn’t have used Vevox. However, alternating answering questions from different mediums gave the event a real hi-tech feel. It also made everyone feel engaged.

At the end of the event, we sent our client a report that showed all the questions that had been received for them to reflect on. Our client loved using Vevox and said they would use more of the features of the event app next time.

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Post event report in Excel

For more information about the Vevox event app visit our Vevox page