Wireless Voting Systems: Voting in Breakout Rooms

Crowd Insight’s wireless voting systems are used in meetings and events all around the world.  Our systems are used most frequently in main rooms where the PowerPoint presentations take place. We are also increasingly being asked to provide voting systems for breakout rooms.

Breakout rooms are great opportunities for presenters addressing smaller audiences to collect more detailed data and opinions.

breakout room voting buttons voting system interactive meeting

Wireless Voting Systems with Advanced Radio Technology

The advanced radio technology in our systems means Crowd Insight can poll multiple breakout rooms at once. At a recent medical conference in Central London, we simultaneously provided polling for four breakout rooms. Putting these four systems on different radio frequencies meant the systems did not interfere with each other.

A voting technician was in each room to operate the system, making sure the audience interaction ran smoothly. In one of the rooms, a doctor felt comfortable operating the system himself and did a great job!

Voting & polling data

In each breakout room, the interactive PowerPoint presentations were repeated three times. This allowed us to create the event voting data in a number of ways:

1) As three separate data files reflecting each of the three voting sessions
2) With data from the three presentations merged to appear as if it was taken from just one presentation.

The most important point about the conference is that the interactivity was not restricted to just the main conference hall, but available in all break out rooms. This allowed delegates to feel involved and interact with each presentation.

Our software allows to create post-event reports in just a few clicks. Reports give you detailed analysis of how your audience voted both as individuals and as a group.

audience response system Polling data from Breakout rooms
Voting in a breakout room conference event

Tips to engage your audience with a voting system in a breakout room

• Before you think of what to ask the audience, ask yourself the following. Is the voting system being used to collect meaningful data, engage the audience or both? This will help you create the right questions.
•  Poll them on questions relevant to your subject.
•  Ask for their opinions, this may be the only time you have this number of experts in the same room so make the most of it.
•  Keep the language simple- English maybe a second language for some people at your conference or meeting.
•  Test the delegate’s knowledge with quiz questions. Award a prize for the person with the most correct answers. This will bring out the competitive spirit in everyone.
•  Presenters should rehearse using the system prior to the event.

Research has shown that if the audience think a question is coming up, they will listen more carefully.