Is your AGM going online this year? If so, let us help with your online AGM voting

The Covid-19 outbreak has had a massive effect on meetings and events across the world. During social distancing most Annual General Meetings (AGMs) have switched to online using platforms such as Skype or Zoom.

Voting at traditional AGMs

One of the cornerstone features of an AGM is the voting.

Whether you are a multi-national bank or a local sports club, decisions on committee members, new branding or funding approval will need to be voted on.

In traditional face-to-face meetings, votes are carried out using electronic voting keypads or a show of hands. For online meetings, don’t worry, you can still vote. Crowd Insight can help with this and offer you several online AGM voting digital solutions.

Voting at online AGMs

Available for AGMs now, Crowd Insight offer simple online AGM voting solutions for any online meeting. Our most popular solution is an app called Vevox. Vevox allows participants to vote in real time using their own devices (tablet, laptop, or mobile phone) and interact with the meeting in a variety of ways


Voting results can be instantly shared and displayed on your display screen. Choose to

  1. Display them as soon as your vote has ended or
  2. Keep them hidden and save them for internal use only.

You also have the option of displaying the voting results on participants phones.

  • Q & A (Questions and Answers)

Invite participants to send in their questions and comments. These can be seen and upvoted by other participants. Presenters can then choose to answer the most ‘liked’ questions.

Presenters also have the option to answer the questions privately in their own time offline.

  • Anonymous or named

Before the meeting starts you have the option of making participant’s comments anonymous. In our experience we find that when delegate comments are sent anonymously, they tend to be more honest.

App or browser

When your participants use Vevox, they have a choice between using a browser or downloading the Vevox app. Either option will give users the same online AGM voting experience and quality of interaction.

Either way Vevox is so simple to use. All delegates need is a pre-assigned 9-digit code and they can start engaging in the AGM.


With all our engagement apps, you can impose your organisation’s branding to style. Add your company logos and colours to make the app personal to your event.


All data from your AGM (e.g. voting results and questions) are collected and automatically saved online. This instantly available for your meeting administrator to download for your post-event use.


Some users opt to use polling apps themselves. Others prefer Crowd Insight to supply their events with a designated technician. This helps your AGM voting and engagement run smoothly and gives event organisers one less thing to worry about.

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