Case study: Live streaming for conferences. How to hold a successful conference without traveling

Crowd Insight’s team of technicians have decades of event experience between them. Working alongside professional audio visual (AV) teams, they have collected a myriad of skills and knowledge. This enables Crowd Insight to continuously expand our range of services.

The newest service we can offer is live conference streaming. This service has arrived at a time when event organisers are looking for ways to:

  • Minimise delegate travel costs.
  • Reduce event carbon footprint
  • Save on event space hire
  • Reduce spreading of viruses

The challenge

In January, a company who have several offices in England, in the Newcastle, Liverpool and Reading, approached us for some help with an event. We cannot mention the name of the company as the nature of their work is highly classified.

The company wished to put on an event for their employees to:

  • Share performance and financial data
  • Gauge staff opinion and encourage feedback
  • Review the company accounts for the last year
  • Highlight and reward efforts of high performing individuals.
  • Discuss new products

The total number of employees who registered their interest for the conference was just over 900. Initially the plan was to have a conference at one of the company’s premises. However, they do not have the space for that amount of people.

Next, a hired venue was considered. Paying for the movement of 900 people to one central venue looked too expensive for a two-hour presentation.

How we helped

It was agreed that we would stream the presentations to all three of the offices.

Most of the event was being presented in Newcastle, where a 400 strong audience would watch it live. Audiences in Reading and Liverpool watched this as a stream.

When it was the turn of the presentation in Reading to start, we simply swapped the stream around. In a few clicks, Newcastle and Liverpool were watching the stream that the 200 Reading audience were watching live.

Whichever of the three venues delegates were watching from, they could see all elements of the presentation. The cameras filmed close ups of the speakers whilst alternating between PowerPoint slides and embedded video content. All of which we were able to broadcast.

The Result

Financial Savings

Streaming live to three separate venues saved our client enormous financial costs. Say the average travel costs for each person would have been £100. Times this by 900 and the company would have spent £90,000 on travel alone. That’s before you consider venue hire, food and drink, catering staff, insurance, name badges, security etc. etc. So this was a huge financial saving.

Our streaming equipment is so advanced it also does the job of three-person camera crew. This presents event organisers with even more savings

Time saved

Savings made in company time were also huge. If a venue had been hired between the three venues, in the Midlands for example, then the average person would have travelled for four hours. Two hours there and two hours back. That’s a total of 3,600 hours travelling time where productivity is low or not happening at all.

A greener event

Our customer also saw the streaming solution as a ‘green’ option. Delegates simply drove to their local office as they usually. As it was a paperless event, it was very much an environmentally friendly event.

Recorded and saved

Every element of the presentations was recorded. This includes the presentations from the presenters, their PowerPoint and video content. The microphones also captured the voices in sync to the visual element. Each of these recorded elements were saved and made available to our customer the minute the conference and stream finished.

With coronavirus spreading panic around the world, hundreds of meetings and conferences like this are being cancelled. They don’t need to be. Events can now be modified and broadcasted to people in the safety of their own country, office or home.

If your company is interested in saving thousands of pounds on their next event, please get in touch today.

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