Fastest Finger: Real Time Voting Systems with Speed Scoring

Fastest finger. We really wanna see those fingers! Crowd Insight’s real time voting systems are used for quizzes throughout the year. Now you can enhance your quiz further with a fastest finger round.

From Christmas parties to summer conferences, quizzes are an excellent team building exercise. Our customers frequently use them as part of a charity/ fundraising event or team bonding at an internal meeting. Whatever the reason, quizzes are a fun way of galvanizing people while introducing some healthy competition.

The free polling software Edivote100, and Edivote Pro version both have a fantastic feature called Speed Scoring. Some call it ‘Fastest Finger’ and it’s a fantastic way to add excitement and drama to your quiz.

So, How Does Real Time Voting System Speed Scoring Work?

Simple. The quicker contestants answer a question with their keypads, the more points they get. So a question may be worth 10 points. If that question is answered instantly, they will earn 10 points. However, you can programme the system so for every second they take to answer they will loose a point. So if they take 5 seconds to answer they will get 5 points. If they take 9 seconds they will get only 1 point.

Of course, if they do not answer the quiz question correctly they will get no points at all, no matter how quickly they answer.

This brings out the competitive nature in people and makes for an exciting quiz. It really gets their blood pumping while the clock starts to count down.

How to make a basic Fastest Finger round using Edivote software.

All you have to do is create a normal multiple-choice question and tweak it a little.

1. Using Edivote software, create a standard multiple-choice question. See the User Guide in the Edivote tools menu if you haven’t done this yet

2. Right-click next to the slide and select Edivote Options\ Question Properties as pictured below

how do I make my powerpoint more interesting?

3. The Slide Properties box will appear. Go to the drop down menu on the top right hand corner and change from ‘Standard’ to ‘Game’.

4. Now your question’s options will appear. In the ‘Correct’ column, tick the box next to the correct answer. In the ‘Points’ column, type how many points you want to award participants for getting the correct answer. In the example below, I awarded 10 points.

5. Tick the ‘Enable Speed Scoring’ box. Here, I told the system to decrease the score by 1 point every second as shown by the red arrow and 5. As the default countdown clock is 10 seconds, this is the most simple format. However you can change the countdown clock to whatever you like.

6. To finish, click the Apply button at the bottom of the box.

Further tips for your interactive quiz…

We recommend a whole round of fastest fingers. Edivote will keep track of all your scores and don’t forget you can display them on an Edivote scoreboard. It’s up to you, have a whole quiz formatted for the fastest finger or just one round.


To help the audience see what the correct is, you can make the bar of the correct answer a different colour to the others. To do this, tick the box ‘Set Color for correct answer’. However, we normally use PowerPoint tools instead. Our two favourites are;

1. Placing a big red tick next to the correct answer. A tick can be found in the Wingdings The easiest way to find this is by searching in your Character Map. Make this a PowerPoint animation that appears once all the answers are in.

2. Use a coloured shape to circle the correct answer. Again, wait until all answers are in and animate the shape to some in.

Enjoy your interactive quiz

Interactive sports quiz team using fastest finger

Above are photos taken from two successful fundraising quizzes. A fastest finger round was blended in with three other ‘non fastest finger’ rounds and a picture round. For advice on creating interactive quizzes, call Crowd Insight today for a chat.