Interactive PowerPoint Presentations with Live Audience Polling

You don’t need to be a technical genius to make your PowerPoint presentation interactive. If you just have basic PowerPoint skills, then you’re good to go. Crowd Insight’s live audience polling software is a PowerPoint add-in. Simply add polling/ interactive slides to any existing or new PowerPoint presentation. This is a great way of engaging your audience and allowing them to contribute to your event.

The 7 Reasons Why a Live Audience Polling System Will Enhance Your Presentation, Training Event or Conference

1.  Make your audience feel involved

Presenter using dry hire 100 audience response system to enhance a PowerPoint presentation

Allow your audience or delegates to contribute by asking their views and opinions. They will feel more valued both as individuals and as a group. You can be sure that the interactive questions you ask them will be discussed further amongst the delegates  after your event.

2.  Change your presentation from a monologue to a dialogue.

Giving your audience a voice changes your presentation from a one way conversation to a two way conversation.

If you don’t give your audience a voice, they may feel as if they are being ‘talked at’ rather than ‘talked to’. Involving their opinions and comments can give a presentation a greater balance. Your subject will be viewed from many more points of views.

3. New and instant content for presenters

Real time polling gives presenters new and instant content. At many conferences and symposia that Crowd Insight help with, delegates are polled on current topics. Presenters and panels then discuss the polling results that are shown in real time. This can give event organisers a lot of material for their slot.
A tip here for presenters is be prepared for the possibility of unexpected polling results.

Inviting an audience to send comments is a perfect way to get a Q&A (question and answers) session started

4.  Increase the concentration of audiences

Research has proved that audience response systems increase the concentration of audiences. This is especially true in education where our systems are known as Student Response Systems (SRSs). Studies have shown that if students believe an interactive question will follow a discussion they will concentrate more in order to answer the questions correctly.

5. Capture demographic data

Crowd Insight systems are extremely efficient at collecting data during your PowerPoint presentation. At the start of your presentation, ask demographic questions such,

‘Which UK office are you based in?’

1. London
2. Cardiff
3. Birmingham
4. Manchester

At the end of your event you will be able to create your post-event report. In this report you will be able to create demographic breakdowns of how everyone from the London office voted, and all the other offices. Other demographics commonly used are job roles, age and gender

6. Event feedback- instant and ‘green’

From the teachers at small training events to huge corporate conferences, all presentations request feedback from their attendees. With an audience response system, you don’t have to bother delegates with paper forms or chase them to go online and type in their thoughts. Just ask themwhile they are still there, engaged with your event. The data you collect is instantly available as a report in Excel and can be broken down demographically.

This will also save you a small fortune in printing costs and man hours processing the feedback

7.  It’s fun!

Audiences enjoy using keypads and will using them will make presentations more memorable. For those who have never used one, it is an exciting novelty. These people are often pleasantly suprised that someone has asked for their opinion or comments.

‘Gamification’ is one of the event industry buzz words at the moment. This is something you can apply to your PowerPoint presentation. If you ask a series of interactive questions that have correct answers, Crowd Insight software will tally everyone’s scores an automatically work out who answered the most questions correctly. Offering the winner a prize at the end is a sure fire way of ensuring they are engaged.

Responding to an interactive PowerPoint presentation
Engaged delegates using Reply Mini Plus keypads
Audience response powerpoint presentation interactive voting slide
Slide from a staff engagement event
interactive PowerPoint presentation slide from audience response system
Interactive slide from a sales meeting

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